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Happy Haab 5125

Yesterday, Sunday Feb. 22, marked the first day of the Maya year 5125, according to the Maya solar calendar, or haab. The haab is also known as the…

Friday roundup

Incidents of travel in virtual Mesoamerica Don’t look now, but Mexico is collapsing : As a result of drug wars Guatemala President to Visit Cuba: Cubans are working…

Landslide death toll rises

The number of dead from a landslide near Aquil Grande in Alta Verapaz in Guatemala has risen to 37; that number does not count an equal number of…

Photo Wednesday: Furniture delivery

This photo of a furniture deliveryman on the streets of Antigua, Guatemala, comes from Michael R. Swigart’s photostream. .

Maya playing cards

Not cards of the ancient or even modern Maya, but playing cards produced by — of all people — the Soviet state. Among the few sets of cards…

Friday roundup

Virtual travels in Mesoamerica A visit to Chiapas : With the NYT Frugal Traveler Fiambre : Puro Guatemalteco Maya jades to be returned to Mexico : From the…

Maya multiplication

I don’t know anything about this. Is it really Maya? .

Viene el dia de los muertos

With Day of the Dead around the corner, Rafael Jesús González’s blog is well worth visiting. He traces the celebration from its ancient roots through the colonial period…

Turtles at Monterrico

While we’re on the subject of sea turtles, here’s a photo of baby turtles at Monterrico, on Guatemala’s Pacific coast, from guillermogg’s photostream. By the way, this image…

Sea turtle project at La Barrona Hatchery, Guatemala

A behind the scenes look at volunteer-driven sea turtle conservation at the La Barrona in Guatemala. .

Sea turtles at Monterrico, Guatemala

Following up on my previous post about Monterrico, here’s a good video survey of the area. .

Black sand beach, Monterrico, Guatemala

Guatemala’s Pacific coast has some fine black sand beaches, such as this one at Monterrico. The area is not very developed for tourism, which has its advantages as…

Photo Wednesday: Maximon

This image of Maximon comes from cito’s photostream .

Wilfredo Lam and Carlos Luna

Wilfredo Lam (1902-19982) was an influential modernist Cuban painter. Among those who acknowledge his influence is the contemporary painter Carlos Luna. While Luna was born in Cuba, his…

Is that Maximon playing the marimba?

?billy thinks it is. He posted the photo on his blog Donde El Viento Me Lleva, along with some recollections of Maximon. . Life has imputantly interfered with…

Photo Wednesday: painted bowls

This image of painted bowls at Chichen Itza comes from saguayo’s photostream. .

Mexico’s best natural attractions

According to the LA Times, that is. It lists six of them: Michoacán’s Million Monarch March: Whale-Watching Sea-Turtle Nesting Beaches Lago Bacalar Copper Canyon Desert Landscapes in Baja…

Friday Roundup

Incidents of virtual travel in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and greater Mesoamerica Animal Del Monte Festival in Xela, Guatemala A call to save Mirador Basin, the cradle of Maya…

Photo Wednesday: Agua Volcano, Antigua, Guatemala

This view of Agua Volcano from somewhere near the Parqueo Central in Antigua, Guatemala, is from’ photostream. .

Tropical storm Arthur batters Belize

It almost seems that half of Central and North America has been flooded lately. Southern Belize was particularly hard hit by tropical storm Arthur.

Friday Roundup

Incidents of virtual travel . . . TRANSactions: Contemporary Latin American and Latino Art at the Weatherspoon Art Museum Sleeping Lady Of Manzanillo Tamayo painting sets Latin American…

Volver volver

I’m back after a little medical absence.

Back soon

Buried Mirror is on medical leave and will be back soon.

Photo Wednesday: motmots

This image of turquoise-browed motmots comes from jvverde’s photostream. .

Friday Roundup

What’s new in virtual Mesoamerica Archaeologist uses satellite imagery to explore ancient Mexico Achiote-grilled turkey breast with tomatoes, chiles, and mint Xunantunich, ancient Mayan temple city in Belize…

Photo Wednesday: Painted table top

This photo of a table top painted with images of colorful fruit, taken in a crafts shop in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Mexico, is from Lucy Nieto’s photostream. .

Friday Roundup

TICJ may decide Guatemala/Belize sovereignty dispute Traditional Guatemalan musical instruments Cooking by feel: Latin American ingredients and flavors Top 5 Mexican real estate markets Algunos escritores guatemaltecos valiosos…

Juan Soriano at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Juan Soriano (1920-2006) was born in Guadalajara, son of veterans of the Mexican revolution. Something of a prodigy, he developed his distinctive style after moving to Mexico City…

Photo Wednesday

Today’s photo, of chiles in a market in Campeche, comes from malias’ photostream. .

Mexico and the modern print

Mexico City’s Museo Nacional de Arte is offering what looks like a strong show of Mexican printmaking from 1920-1950. The full title is México y la Estampa Moderna,…