Orchids of Mexico and Guatemala

The New York Public Library has digitized and put online The Orchidaceæ of Mexico & Guatemala by Jas Bateman. This rare book was published 1837-1843 by James Ridgway and Sons. The prints are quite beautiful, as these examples suggest:

Oncidium leucochilum. [White-lipped oncidium]:

Oncidium leucochilum. [White-l... Digital ID: 1112173. New York Public Library

Stanhopea tigrina. [Tiger-like stanhopea]

Stanhopea tigrina. [Tiger-like... Digital ID: 1112179. New York Public Library

Cattleya skinneri:

Cattleya skinneri. Digital ID: 1112185. New York Public Library

See the full book here.


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  1. Those are amazingly beautiful. Here in Phil, we also have rare and special kinds of orchids which I hope someday would be given the same attention.