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Nim Po’t, textile and folk art cooperative, La Antigua, Guatemala

Nim Po’t is a kind of folk art cooperative or consignment market located near the Arco at 5a Avenida Norte #29 in La Antigua, Guatemala. The quality of their merchandise varies, but their website provides a useful service by relating textile styles to the pueblos where they are made (each Guatemala highland village has an identifiable textile design and iconography). It is possible to shop online via the website. Antigua may the most expensive place to buy Guatmalan crafts, but there is no need to obsess over prices, and your money will go a long way for the sellers.

Who knows what “nim po’t” means?

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Mayan glyphs as a truetype font set


Guatemalan paintings from Arte Maya Tz’utuhil


  1. I worked there for some months in 2001, and I can tell you that when you buy a tipical garment, the money will go to the people who made it, whit a small fee to the shop. The name Nim po’t means: Ceremonial guipil (the pieace of cloathing that the women weares in special occations such as ceremonies, marriages, etc.) Greatings!

  2. xensen

    Thanks, Juan Pablo!

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