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Child labor in Guatemala

Young worker in market in Antigua, Guatemala. Photo copyright Rudy Giron, all rights reserved.

Young worker in market in Antigua, Guatemala. Photo copyright Rudy Giron, all rights reserved.

It’s been four years since I’ve posted on this site. During those years I was focused on print projects (I published three books), but now I am renewing my web activities. When I thought of reviving this site, the first place I looked was Rudy Giron’s blog, Antigua Daily Photo, which is the source of this photo. I wanted to begin with Rudy, because he is a knowledgable resident of Antigua and an indefatigable blogger, as well as a talented photographer. Rudy’s blog now says that unauthorized use of his material is prohibited except for links and excerpts, so I am requesting permission. Please do not use his materials without authorization.

One of the most troubling features of Guatemala and the Maya world in general is that it is so damned photogenic even when the situations the photography documents are problematic. I’ve seen this so many times. Here we have a beautiful photo of a young girl in a market, and the picturesque quality, if we’re not careful, can blind us to the harsh realities of child labor.

Rudy writes on his blog, “It breaks my heart to see SO MANY children working instead of being in school like they should if the laws were enforced in Guatemala.” He is quite right, and I urge you to visit his blog to learn more about Antigua, Guatemala, from an insider’s perspective.


Photo Wednesday: Colorful hammocks

I hope to return to more regular blogging soon. We might as well start with our regular feature, Photo Wednesday. This image of hammocks against a bright wall comes from CasaDeQueso’s photostream. CasaDeQueso says that the hammocks were for sale at a roadside souvenir shop, near Coba, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Photo Wednesday: painted bowls

painted bowls at chichen itza

This image of painted bowls at Chichen Itza comes from saguayo’s photostream.


Photo Wednesday: Agua Volcano, Antigua, Guatemala

agua volcano, antigua, guatemala

This view of Agua Volcano from somewhere near the Parqueo Central in Antigua, Guatemala, is from’ photostream.


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