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Balam Ajpu: Maya Hiphop as Political and Cultural Expression

  Maya culture is among the most persistent in the world. People sometimes say things like “The disappearance of Maya civilization remains something of a mystery.” But anyone…

Volver volver

I’m back after a little medical absence.

Maya temples

If figures somehow that Sun Ra would have done a tune called Mayan Temples. Far out? .

La Maldicion de Malinche

Amparo Ochoa’s take on Mexican history.

Another Andy Palacio video

Andy Palacio

I got a CD by Garifuna artist Andy Palacio for Christmas.

Por que no te callas?

This song is going viral in many parts of the Spanish-speaking world.


Thanks to Rudy of La Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo for pointing out “Zacatenango” by Francis D├ívila, part of a compilation of electronic music from Guatemala. The compilation can…

Song clips from the “golden age” of Mexican popular music

Xeni Jardin has posted a great list of classic Mexican tunes (“YouTubes to Make Your Mexican Grandmother Cry“). Well worth checking out.

Cumbia del Mole

Here’s another music video from contemporary Mesoamerica. The singer, Lila Downs, is of Mixteca descent on her mother’s side (Mixtecs are a people of Oaxaca).

Penguins in Bed

The Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona is accompanied by Angentian model Chenoa in this video version of his hit Pinguinos en la cama.