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Fine dining around Merida

Yucatan Living’s nominations for the best fine dining around Merida are in. And the candidates are:

  • Casa de Piedra at Hacienda Xcanatun
  • Nectar Restaurant
  • Trotters Restaurant
  • Hacienda Santa Rosa
  • Hacienda Temozon Sur

Read about the nominees and vote for your favorite at Yucatan Living.


Bagel Barn in Antigua

bagel barn, antigua

At Antigua Guatemala Daily Photo, Rudy Giron has posted about the Bagel Barn, which offers coffee, bagels, and free WiFi.

How times have changed. When I was teaching in Guate — there was no internet, so don’t even think about WiFi — we once got so desperate for bagels (nowhere to be found in the entire country) that we tried cooking our own. As I recall you have to drop the dough into boiling water. My colleague Marvin Schwartz pronounced the result decent. “But,” he concluded, “they aren’t bagels.”

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