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Maya Symbology: Parrot

This parrot is carved in stone near the top of the Great Pyramid at the classic Maya site of Uxmal in the Yucatan. “Uxmal” means thrice-built, but archaeologists…

Palo Volante, Chichicastenango

During the fiesta of Santo Tomas (Dec. 21), in Chichicastenango in the Guatemalan highlands, extremely tall pine poles are consecrated and erected in the plaza for the ceremony…

Chicken Bus, Antigua, Guatemala

Travel in Mesoamerica and the Maya World

This post will be sticky in the “travel” category. To start with, here are some links that might be helpful. For now, many of these utilize the old…

Photo Wednesday: Water delivery

This photo from Izamal in the Mexican Yucatan comes from larry&flo’s photostream.

Photo Wednesday: Hanging plants

This photo of hanging plants at the Hotel Lunata in Playa del Carmen on the Mayan Riviera comes from theilr’s photostream

Photo Wednesday: Beach near Tulum

This photo of the Caribbean near the ancient Maya city of Tulum is from mdanys’ photostream.

A new discovery at El Mirador

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy A pair of monumental (26-foot) stucco panels have been discovered at the important classic Maya site…

Photo Wednesday: Furniture delivery

This photo of a furniture deliveryman on the streets of Antigua, Guatemala, comes from Michael R. Swigart’s photostream. .

Turtles at Monterrico

While we’re on the subject of sea turtles, here’s a photo of baby turtles at Monterrico, on Guatemala’s Pacific coast, from guillermogg’s photostream. By the way, this image…

Sea turtle project at La Barrona Hatchery, Guatemala

A behind the scenes look at volunteer-driven sea turtle conservation at the La Barrona in Guatemala. .

Sea turtles at Monterrico, Guatemala

Following up on my previous post about Monterrico, here’s a good video survey of the area. .

Black sand beach, Monterrico, Guatemala

Guatemala’s Pacific coast has some fine black sand beaches, such as this one at Monterrico. The area is not very developed for tourism, which has its advantages as…

Photo Wednesday: Agua Volcano, Antigua, Guatemala

This view of Agua Volcano from somewhere near the Parqueo Central in Antigua, Guatemala, is from’ photostream. .

Photo Wednesday

Today’s photo, of chiles in a market in Campeche, comes from malias’ photostream. .

Photo quiz, part 3

Here’s another image by our mystery photographer (see also the past two days’ posts). What’s going on here? (Hint: the picture documents a subject for which the photographer…

Photo quiz, continued

Come, come, I know I have some readers. Surely someone can guess the famous photographer of yesterday’s image. Okay, maybe this will help. Here’s another photo by the…

Photo quiz

Here’s an image from Guatemala. Can anyone guess the subject, photographer, or approximate date the picture was taken?

113 images of Semana Santa in Antigua, Guatemala

112 more like this at En Antigua. via el Blogador .

Guatemalan worry dolls

Worry people are small, rather crude (but charming) dolls, usually sold in batches of several in a bag or box. As far as I know they are particular…

Semana Santa in Antigua, Guatemala

Two videos via Carpe Diem, the blog of Luis Figueroa.

Dog bites gringa

Yucatan Living has a very interesting post detailing the care Working Gringa got for a dog bite. The short version: she received excellent professional care for less than…

Photo Friday

Chichicastenango market, from gepiblu’s photostream.

Fine dining around Merida

Yucatan Living’s nominations for the best fine dining around Merida are in. And the candidates are: Casa de Piedra at Hacienda Xcanatun Nectar Restaurant Trotters Restaurant Hacienda Santa…

Antigua through the back door

Paramañana paints one of the more recognizable portraits of La Antigua, Guatemala, that I have seen in a while (of course, the best portraits are from steady bloggers…

Flycatcher Inn, Santa Elena

This is a detail from the front porch of the Flycatcher Inn, a B&B in Santa Elena near the Maya ruins of Uxmal. The inn is on the…

Antigua elves bring seasons tidings

San Antonio Aguas Calientes, Guatemala

  This photo was taken a long time ago in Aguas Calientes, near La Antigua, Guatemala. The town is known for its beautiful textiles. Back in the day…

Francis Ford Coppola’s hotels in Belize and Guatemala

  Francis Ford Coppola, inspired by his experience filming Apocalypse Now in the Philippines, decided to search for a “jungle paradise” closer to his northern California home. He…

Fuego volcano eruption

Fuego volcano, near Antigua, Guatemal, erupted in November. Inner Diablog posted a photo by Aldo Bonilla, or you can follow some of these google image results (click screenshot).