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Month: March 2008

Photo quiz

Here’s an image from Guatemala. Can anyone guess the subject, photographer, or approximate date the picture was taken?


113 images of Semana Santa in Antigua, Guatemala

112 more like this at En Antigua.

semana santa procession, antigua, guatemala

via el Blogador


Guatemalan worry dolls

guatemala worry doll

Worry people are small, rather crude (but charming) dolls, usually sold in batches of several in a bag or box. As far as I know they are particular to the Maya of highland Guatemala. Children put them under their pillows at night as a sleep aid.

Tradition — or the vendors of the dolls — has it that one confesses one’s worry to the doll before putting it under the pillow. Then by morning the worry people will have taken that worry away.

The image is from dickuhne’s photostream.

Semana Santa in Antigua, Guatemala

Two videos via Carpe Diem, the blog of Luis Figueroa.

La Maldicion de Malinche

Amparo Ochoa’s take on Mexican history.

Dog bites gringa

Yucatan Living has a very interesting post detailing the care Working Gringa got for a dog bite. The short version: she received excellent professional care for less than $50.

Here in San Francisco the same care would probably cost more than 20 times as much.

You can read about it here.

Photo Friday

Chichicastenango market, from gepiblu’s photostream.

vegetable market in chichicastenango

Fine dining around Merida

Yucatan Living’s nominations for the best fine dining around Merida are in. And the candidates are:

  • Casa de Piedra at Hacienda Xcanatun
  • Nectar Restaurant
  • Trotters Restaurant
  • Hacienda Santa Rosa
  • Hacienda Temozon Sur

Read about the nominees and vote for your favorite at Yucatan Living.


Yucatan color

A nice sample of Yucatecan color from saguayo’s photostream.

colorful dishes and bowls from the yucatan

Hillary Cumbia

The Clinton campaign has its own music video aimed at Texas Latino voters. The have logged in with the cumbia Hillary Hillary Clinton. I don’t think it’s as catchy as Obama’s mariachi Viva Obama.

Maria Felix

Maria Felix epitomizes the glamor of the classic Mexican cinema. Her fame is linked with that of the great Veracruz composer and pianist Agustin Lara. In this homage to Maria Felix by 2somos2 the music has the flavor of Agustin Lara, but it doesn’t sound like his voice singing.

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