Hot waterfall

a hot waterfall in the rio dulce / lake izabal region of guatemala

Sometime I would like to visit this hot waterfall at Agua Caliente, Finca El ParaĆ­so, in Guatemala’s Lake Izabal/Rio Dulce area. The water falling from the hot springs above is said to be extremely hot. The river water is cool. Behind the spray there is supposed to be a pleasant saunalike pool.

Nearly all the photos on this site are mine, but this, obviously, is not one of them. It’s from justin.slammer’s flickr photostream.

There is a brief account of visiting the falls at AdventureTravelLogue.


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  1. annexensen

    Justin Slammers’ Central American images on flickr are awesome.
    I especially like the overhead shots of the market.

  2. Rhianna

    are your pictures copyright as I am doing a DIDA couse at school and would be intrested in using some of your pictures. If they are copyright could I use them for educational purposes only?

  3. xensen

    My photos are covered by a creative commons license and can be used for such purposes with attribution. But, as noted, this is not one of mine.

  4. Wow, beautiful

  5. steve jide olatunbosun

    Please, furnish me with some of your camera model and make.
    I cherish your angle and quality of shot. I will like to send to you one my shots.


  6. I want to go there someday!